Uluslararası Beden Eğitimi Spor Rekreasyon ve Dans Dergisi


The views of Kastamonu University Students about Zumba Participation

The aim of this study is to determine the students' opinions about zumba in Kastamonu University School of Physical Education and Sports and other faculties.The study included 21 students from Kastamonu University in Besyo and 16 from other faculties. 6-week implementation process was carried out with the participants (13.11.2018-26.12.2018). A simple random sampling method was used. As a research method, the application was made for zumbaya and pre-session and post-session interviews were taken with audio recording.Data were analyzed by content analysis method.As a result of the research, it can be said that both groups enjoy pleasure, happiness, stress, sociality and motivation in both groups. It can also be concluded that the hobby provides regular activity, it gains self-confidence while dancing in the community, some of them are forced.


Zumba, Physical Education, Dance

Author : Duygu Gök -Duygu GÖK, Ayşe Feray ÖZBAL, Derya Ak
Number of pages: 1-12
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ispes.30252
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Uluslararası Beden Eğitimi Spor Rekreasyon ve Dans Dergisi
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